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We at jam take the privacy of users of our website and/or mobile app (the "website" or "mobile app") very seriously and are committed to protecting the information that users provide to us in connection with their use of our website and/or mobile app (collectively, "digital assets"). Furthermore, we are committed to protecting and using your information in accordance with applicable law.

This Privacy Policy explains our practices regarding the collection, use and disclosure of your information through the use of our digital assets (the "Services") when you access the Services through your devices.

Please read the Privacy Policy carefully and ensure that you fully understand our practices regarding your information before using our Services. If you have read this Policy, fully understand it, and do not agree with our practices, you must stop using our digital assets and services. By using our services, you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy. Your continued use of the Services constitutes your acceptance of this Privacy Policy and any changes thereto.

This Privacy Policy tells you:

How we collect information

What information we collect

Why we collect this information

To whom we pass on the data

Where the data is stored

How long the data is kept

How we protect the data

How we deal with minors

Updates or changes to the privacy policy

What information do we collect?

Category: Always

Below you will find an overview of the data we can collect:


Unidentified and non-identifiable information that you provide during the registration process or that is collected through the use of our services ("non-personal information") Non-Personal Information does not identify who collected it. Non-Personal Information that we collect consists primarily of technical and aggregate usage information.

Individually identifiable information, that is, any information that can or reasonably can be used to identify you ("Personal Information"). Personally identifiable information that we collect through our services may include information that is requested from time to time, such as names, e-mail addresses, postal addresses, telephone numbers, IP addresses, and more. When we combine personally identifiable information with non-personally identifiable information, as long as they are in combination, we treat them as personally identifiable information.

How do we collect information? 

Category: Always

Below are the main methods we use to collect data:


We collect data during the use of our services. So when you visit our digital assets and use services, we may collect, record and store usage, sessions and related information.

We collect information that you provide to us, for example, when you contact us directly through a communication channel (e.g., an e-mail with a comment or feedback).

We may collect data from third party sources as described below.

We collect information that you provide to us when you sign up for our services through a third party service provider such as Facebook or Google.

Why do we collect this information?

Category: Always

We may use your data for the following purposes:


to provide and operate our services;

to develop, adapt and improve our services;

to respond to your feedback, requests and wishes and to offer help;

to analyze demand and usage patterns;

for other internal, statistical and research purposes;

to improve our data security and fraud prevention capabilities;

to investigate violations and enforce our terms and policies and to comply with applicable law, regulations or governmental requests;

to provide you with updates, news, promotional materials and other information related to our services. For promotional e-mails, you can decide whether you want to continue to receive them. If not, simply click on the unsubscribe link in those e-mails.

Who do we share this information with?

Category: Always

We may share your information with our service providers in order to operate our services (e.g., storing information about third-party hosting services, providing technical support, etc.).


We may also disclose your information in the following circumstances: (i) to investigate, detect, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities or other misconduct; (ii) to protect our rights to v Translated with (free version) 

policy and your agreement to be bound by the terms of these changes.


Category: Always

If you have general questions about the Services or the information we collect about you and how we use it, please contact us at



Address: Sierichstr.132, 22299 Hamburg, Germany

e-mail address:


The information contained herein is not intended to replace legal advice and you should not rely solely on it. Specific requirements regarding legal terms and guidelines may vary from state to state and/or legal system to legal system. As stated in our Terms of Use, it is your responsibility to ensure that your services are permitted by and comply with the law applicable to you.

To ensure that you fully comply with your legal obligations, we strongly recommend that you seek professional advice to better understand what requirements apply to you specifically.

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What information do we collect?

How do we collect data? 

Why do we collect this data?

Who do we share this information with?

Where do we store the data?

How long is the data kept?

How do we protect the data?

How do we deal with minors?

Updates or changes to the privacy policy