Lockdown therapy no.1 - yoga!

Updated: Feb 10

Here we go - worldwide lockdown episode number two in some countries even three. With nowhere to go, nothing new to see, at times nobody to talk, not even walk or hug, we find us in severe mental and physical extremes and long for relief.

At jam it comes to us with no surprise to hear that yoga has emerged to be one of the worlds leading practices to merge body and soul in these challenging times.

Here just some short facts to yoga:

  • 15 minutes of daily yoga practice changes the brain’s chemistry and boosts mood.

  • Daily yoga practice improves posture and can alleviate back pain.

  • Depression levels decrease by approximately 50% after just three months of yoga practice.

  • On average, yoga decreases anxiety levels by 40%.

  • People frequently practicing yoga are known to have less sleeping problems

  • Yoga increases lung capacity and health plus increases blood flow

  • Most common are vinyasa and hatha yoga

  • Yoga is wrongly not for reducing weight and is practiced by people of all sizes

  • There are more than 300 million yogis around the world - and no they are not all pros but a variety from beginners to masters

At jam we hear a lot of clients ask us: "I don't know how to begin. I am not as flexible as those superstars on Instagram or at the studios" And we answer: "Who cares what others do and how flexible they are? In yoga there is just one rule: keep yourself and your mind on your mat. Focus on yourself, don't try to impress anybody and don't blame yourself when you feel your practice might be a bit wobbly or flaky at times. You are all that matters and with being easy on yourself, comes the generosity of being more easy with what surrounds you and with others"

Begin by looking at yoga as a mind-chatter-detox. Equip yourself by investing in a good matt and blocks (we are launching new cork mats and blocks soon). Relax.

Next, be proud that you decided to treat yourself and flourish your overall health. Know that with starting with yoga practice you are ready to start your very own spiritual and physical journey and will be part of one of the fastet growing communities in the world. Yoga means unity and reaching out to be "one" is only the beginning. Increase your mental health, your body tissue, your sexual activity and your relationship to others. And remember: we are all beginners at a certain point in our lives, no one comes into this world as a master and there are only few to none who are meant to be.

With respect, see you soon xxx jam

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