Why do I need yoga blocks?

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

To cut it short: as an aid. And mind us to say that yoga blocks or bricks are not only for beginners.

They are wonderfully suited for yoga exercises for which flexibility is not yet sufficient, such as for example Trikonasana, the triangle. If you are not yet flexible enough to place your hand on the floor next to your foot, you can place the block, either upright or flat, on the floor and rest your hand on it.

During yoga practice most yoga commonly two yoga blocks are being used. You can use them as support for the wheel, chakrasana, by placing the blocks flat on the floor.

The second reason for buying a block is that it is a great way to relax and release blockages. Lie flat on your back, put your legs up and lift your pelvis towards the ceiling. Place the block under your lower back so that your pelvis is on the block.

This stretches your lower back and creates space between your vertebrae. Good for those who often feel pressure on the lumbar spine caused by frequent sitting. We at jam regularly call our blocks "the new home office relaxer"

For those who feel tension in the upper part of their back, for instance between the shoulder blades, will experience relief when they lie with their back on the block and position it in the area in between the shoulders. Think of blocks as an extension of your body, an extension of your limbs.

Our yoga instructors keep reminding us not to be competitive during our practice and asanas. While most of us focus on trying not to do so during classes, when surrounded by other yogis, we forget to internalize the process. Meaning, also not being competitive within ourselves and not regarding ourselves as less advanced when we have a bit of a wobbly practice day. Make peace with yourself, before everything else.
We hope this little article helped you understand a bit more the meaningfulness of yoga blocks and their support range of motions. Whenever you have questions, ideas or simply just like to hook up - feel free to contact us through
Our promise, we are there to help, to brighten up your yoga practice, to brighten up your life - a bit or more - however you choose.
See you, stay well xxx jam

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